Street Food

Street Food

How many times have you uttered

“I wish I had another pair of hands”?

If I had been given a pound for every time I’d heard that sentence, then I wouldn’t be sitting here in a warehouse in North Shields, I would be on that beach, sipping an ice cold drink, in beautiful sunshine, without a care in the world.

Back to reality!

Without a doubt, one of the best social events that has arisen out of the noughties is the explosion of street food and without boring everyone with facts and figures, let me just say that it’s huge! What makes it all the more exciting is that it brings different cultures, different flavours and different ideas together. Street food is such a social experience. Even writing this, I can imagine the delicious aromas, the laughter and the friendly banter.

So who are street food traders?

The traders I’ve met and spoken to over the past few years, are extremely busy people, who whilst trying to run their businesses, are also juggling other jobs, families, households, trying to keep too many balls in the air. You have to find the hours in the day, to go out and buy ingredients, packaging, keep up to date with food legislation, new labelling regulations, find new avenues for your food and produce the products as well. Phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Hands up if you start trawling the internet at silly o’clock, trying to find a product that will be delivered promptly and at a price that doesn’t make your eyes water.

This is why we started our own small business.

We want to help street food traders find time to enjoy doing what they do best, which is of course cooking with quality ingredients and being able to serve the food in packaging that isn’t going to leak.

We want to share your passion for street food and watch you flourish and prosper. We would “love it” (No I am not Kevin Keegan)! If you take a look at our new website, and if there is something specific you need, or a question you need answering, drop us a line. We can usually find something to suit everyone, or we can find the answer to a lot of questions. And as the business grows and develops we hope to become that extra pair of hands you’ve been wishing for.

Alison & Michael

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